Technorati- Blog search

Bloglines- Find blogs and news feeds that you want to read on a regular basis. Each time a new post or update is made you go to this site and see it. Save time by checking one site instead of lots.

Google Scholar- Use this search to find academic articles and journal articles. Bypass all of the commercial sites.

delicious- Bookmark keeper. You can use it to collect bookmarks and share them with others. You can access them anywhere.

Flickr -
Flickr is for photo storage and sharing. Store your pictures and images here and access them anywhere.

ThinkFree- If you are stuck somewhere without Office applications, use this online service to use Word, Excel, and PPT tools and save them on the internet. Access anywhere and share with others.

Yahoo! Briefcase- If you need online storage or need to store a document for a group to access, use this online hard drive and access your document on any computer anywhere.

Furl- Use this tool to download websites into your account and access them again later. No more copy/paste into a document or saving the whole page which takes up hard drive space.

43 Things- Make a list of 43 things you want to do in life. Compare them with others and get inspired.

Creative Freedoms- Use this site to create your own motivational poster or other interesting picture. These can be printed or saved.

On-line dictionary. Use the on-line dictionary to look up words that you do not know.

I found these resources organized nicely at Mrs. Caldwell's site at MBHS and thought I would share them here as well.