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Bishop Blog Wiki is a complementary educational wiki of Bishop Blog the Information, Spanish I, and Spanish II, blog at
Haleyville High School. The Bishop Blog and Bishop Blogs Wiki are maintained by William Bishop (Bill) for educational
purposes. My school website is located at http://havc.k12.al.us/bbishop

Positive "PR" for our wiki!

Wiki Wisdom is an article by Michelle R. Davis published in Eudcation Week's newest magizine Digital Directions (Vol. 01, Issue Fall 2007) mentions this Wiki. Any type of positive "PR" for our school is great, but having our Wiki recognized in a national publication is wonderful.

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Bishop Blog Check it out!
HHS Moodle (HHS Intranet only)
Lost Johns Educational Technology and Leadership Blog
Haleyville Renaissance Blog A blog about the Jostens Renaissance Process in our school!
Burleson's Blog (High School Media Center)


School Information Wiki we are a featured school at Helping Students.org
HHS at Helpingstudents.org
HHS Library Media Center Wiki
World War I Wiki

K-6 Links (Links for my K-6 Friends)

Everything About Dogs: This site comes from Mountain City Elementary School in Tennessee. It's great!
More K-6 Pages from Mountain City Elementary (use the links in the sidebar).
http://techcenters.blogspot.com/ This is a K-2 blog.
Roy: Tale of the Singing Zebra is a free interactive resource for Elementary educators. However, you have to register to use the free resource and materials.
The virtual resource for digital manipulatives: Enough said!
My wonderful world: Geography related materials and games for students.
Kitzu: Multimedia project resources and kits for students.
Google Earth: My students love this free software application.
American Memory: Possibly more applicable at the High School level.
MacroPolo: I think most schools are using this site and its materials.
Edutopia: It is a free online magizine for educators. It is provided by the George Lucas Foundation
Divernon Community Unit School District #13 In Diveron IL. has great links for all Elementary teachers...and some Junior High teachers in an area called the computer lab. Follow the links individually or go to the main menuexternal image out.png
Kindergartenexternal image out.png
1st Gradeexternal image out.png
2nd Gradeexternal image out.png
3rd Gradeexternal image out.png
4th Gradeexternal image out.png
5th Gradeexternal image out.png
Junior Highexternal image out.png

Cool Tools

Some really cool tools for students and teachers

New Teacher Links

Links for New Teachers

Links for teachers

Tapped in is a Webbased, open source, online environment for communities of educational professionals with over 20,000 individuals worldwide. Check it out!
Teaching with blogs this site is your one stop shop site provided by Alabama Best Practices Center. Links include various blogs for various subjects. Check it out!
May the teach be with you Like Yodi taught Luke from Starwars, this site can teach you what you need to know about blogs. May the force be with you!
Alabama Best Practices Center enough information to move you into the 21st century and beyond.
A Page of Links for Most Subjects

Haleyville High School Faculty Links

Haleyville High School STI (Teachers Only)
Haleyville High School Email (Teachers Only)

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